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About Brian Martinez

“Family is in our heart, music runs in our blood.”

I was born and raised in Northern New Mexico, in the beautiful Valley of Espanola, where 3 rivers, 3 bridges, 3 cultures all made up of a diversity of streams leading to one community.

I started to perform music at the young age of 5 by singing in my first talent show. I can play various instruments including the Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone and the Accordion. I have played in various bands during my music career. I currently perform solo gigs and also play together with my brother Manny Martinez and my father, Mel Martinez.

I was inspired at a young age by my father, a well known musician throughout New Mexico. He made his first guitar at age 7 out of an old frying pan. My dad can play any instrument and sings though his heart and soul.

I come from a long line of musicians aside my immediate family. My grandparents, uncles, aunts, many cousins are musicians in the family. My daughter Daynee Martinez is an excellent singer and talented Piano Player.   My brother Manny Martinez is also a recording artist and plays Guitar, Bass and Drums. My dad had a record out in 1977 and he is currently working on a new CD.

“Music memories stir the soul”

Singing and playing is part of my life, our family parties and gatherings are filled with musical conversations. I celebrate the gift of life as I sing and play. My music takes me on a spiritual journey and a deeper understanding of life itself. Music of the past, present and future celebrate time and feelings and memories stir the soul.

I currently have 3 CD's on the independent music market. I recently opened by own music studio and music production company called Enchanted Music Productions located in Espanola, New Mexico. My dreams have come true and I hope to share my talent and help other artists and businesses dreams happen.

About Brian Elijah-Jude Martinez

“ Recorded his first music tracks at the age of 8 ”

Brian Elijah-Jude Martinez is an 9 year old student at Holy Cross Catholic School in Espanola, New Mexico. Brian's first musical public appearance was at the age of 7 when he was asked to perform a song at his grandparent’s 50th anniversary. He recorded his first music tracks at the age of 8 in his father’s recording studio. He is part of his school church choir where he performs as a singer and as part of the percussion group. Brian is currently learning how to play the guitar and wants to learn to play the drums. He is an honor roll student and a student athlete.

Brian has a musical gift and when asked about what inspires him, he says that he enjoys all types of music; it’s like a musical adventure.